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Fine Art Portraits by Aska

Which medium do you offer?

I offer portraits in oil, in color or monochrome, and drawings in charcoal/pencil.  Oil portraits are considered to be more formal, while a drawing can be more casual. Each medium has its own appeal. We can discuss your preferences and budgets, then decide what's best for the occasion. 

How much does a portrait cost?

Fee varies greatly depending on the medium, size, number of subjects, and the complexity of the whole painting. Aska's portrait fee starts from $160. Each additional figure on a same canvas/drawing is 50% of the cost. Additional figures on a separate canvas/drawing is 10% off. I'd be happy to give you different price options. Feel free to contact Aska for more info.

Do you paint from life or photo?

I work from photographs to avoid the inconvenience and expense associated with sittings. Whenever possible, I prefer to take photographs myself to obtain the preferable composition and lighting. Spending time with my subject(s) also gives me opportunity to gain insight into their personality. I try and thrive to capture the essence and spirit of the individual.

Does a portrait come with a frame?

No, fee does not include framing. However, I will gladly help you choose a right frame upon request. An appropriate frame will add beauty to the painting and protect it for years.

What should I wear for a portrait photo session?

There are several things to consider. Do you want the artwork to be formal or casual? Indoor setting or outdoor? For family or corporate? We can discuss all the elements and decide what's appropriate for the occasion.

More questions? It's always a pleasure hearing from you! Contact Aska anytime.   (804)480-ASKA