Aska's Atelier




Fine Art Portraits by Aska

Commission a portrait in oil or pencil

1. Contact:  You can contact Aska by email at

2. Process: Once in contact, we will discuss the following: size, composition, mood, clothing, location, and background. Any preferences you have in mind are welcome. Aska will gladly give you any advice and suggestions. As the painting approaches completion, she'll request a client review with the artwork so that if any necessary adjustments need to be made, it can be done to meet satisfaction.

3. Photo Reference: Aska works from photographs that she takes herself or from a photograph of your choice. They need to be of high resolution with enough details to create a quality piece of art.

4. Pricing: Price depends on the medium, the size, the number of subjects, and the level of complexity in the piece.

5. Framing: Available upon request.   (804)480-ASKA